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The Lincoln Electric


Known as an industry workhorse for its durability, reliability, ease of use and repair, the LN-25 is one of our top choices when we need to produce consistent, quality welds at a very fast pace.

Do You have procedures?

We Do.

  • Welding with flux-core electrode requires pre-qualification based on specific electrode types.
  • This process is costly and time consuming, requiring regular renewal
  • Our focused skills in this area can help with your next project!

We proudly Use

Welding Machines & Consumables

  • Top quality welds start with top quality equipment.
  • Your company demands the best- so should your welding sub.
  • At WCW, Inc., quality control is one of our highest priorities.

See It In Action!

Automatic Beveling Machine

-Used for preparing steel can piling for a welded splice.




Flux-Cored Arc Welding


Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Air Carbon Arcing

All Work performed to code in accordance with The AWS

We Offer Services Requiring:                                              


-Structural Welding Code- Steel


-Structural Welding Code- Sheet Steel


-Structural Welding Code- Reinforcing Steel


-Bridge Welding Code

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Need Performance?

we have the Technology!

From a single wire feeder on a small job to large projects with heavy demands, we're prepared to lay down the bead.

  • With the Lincoln Electric POWER WAVE® 4- Pack multi-operator welders, our crews can be optimally equipped to provide the quickest, most reliable service available.