Accident Prevention & SAFETY pROGRAM


WCW, Inc. Maintains an Accident Prevention & Safety Program, which includes our disciplinary policies and procedures pertaining to all jobsite safety meetings, proper equipment training, use & maintenance, documenting and reporting jobsite safety issues, etc.

The following standards are available online: 

 We encourage all employees to review our Equal Employment Opportunity & Affirmative Action policies. 

                                                                      Additional compliance documentation  available upon request.

Employee & Vendor Resources

    New Hire Documentation

  WCW, Inc. requires all new hires provide the following documentation upon start of employment:

  • Copies of:

                        *Valid driver license

                        *Social Security card

  • IRS Forms W-4 & I-9
  • Click the links to the right,

              fill out and return to the office.

              (You may email, fax or send the

               originals by mail or in person.)

  • WCW, Inc. Offers Direct Deposit free of Charge! 
  • Fill out and return the authorization form to get started.


Standardized Documents 

For the convenience of our employees, all standard documents used in the field can be found here:

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